Getting Ready - The never ending list

Planning a nine month trip has been no quick and easy task.  Budget, schooling, housing, banking, packing, visas, vaccinations, itinerary  …. - the list seemed to be never ending.  Given that I am a strategic planner though, I probably spend more time on this than the average traveler.  Fortunately, the internet provides many resources that we needed to get ready. 

One particular site that was very helpful is  While every family and person is different, this site was a great starting point.

Schooling caused me the most worry.  I have never homeschooled my kids and didn’t even know where to start.  There isn’t much information on homeschooling on the internet for families in our situation.  There are resources for people who stay home to school their kids.  There are resources for people who school their kids while traveling in RVs (within North America).  But not many resources for people who travel with their kids.  Another problem was that we wouldn’t always have internet access so online programs were not workable.  I also found out that online programs within our province still required a textbook which is also not workable when you are carrying them around for nine months.

Thankfully our school district was good and we are able to register them at the home study school.  We found some great apps to use when we don’t have an internet connection and some great websites like for when we do have an internet connection.  I would be happy to share my knowledge with anyone looking for information on this.  Just send Kim a message under the contact form or leave a comment below.

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