Draculas Caves

I went on the big bus to the caves under a castle with the VanKoshs. We went down and it started to get a lot cooler that was refreshing. First, we saw a bunch of wax statutes. They were all statues of opera singers back in the 19th century. We went down a place where it was super-duper dark. I could not see my white paw in front of my face. Nathan had to hold a hose to know where he was going. I sat in the bag with my head peeking out. It smelled like stinky feet but I think they were Nathan’s feet. Sometimes, you would step in water. Once it got all over my fur. I saw a bunch of rocks from the old castle that was above the caves.

DSC 9194DSC 9199

Next, we went DrDrDrDrDracula's prison. Jaxon got somewhat scared; he did not really like it. There were stories about Dracula and a cage where he was imprisoned. His room was small. I cannot believe the real Dracula or Vlad was a prisoner in there for 7 to 14 years. No one really knows. Did you know that Dracul mean Devil in Romanian. 

Spooky story, when Mr. VanKosh took a picture of the coffin the picture turned red no filters nothing! Well that is what he said (I think he is lying.)  

A story written by: Quinn and Jaxon in Pino's eyes

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Palatinus Bath (Waterpark)

It was a super hot day for a polar bear and I could not wait to ride my little tube down the water slide. It was finally my turn to go down the water slide. The lifeguard spun my tube. I went in about 10 circles. After going from side to side, I finally got straight. There was so many turns, it was so fun but what I didn't like about the slide was my fur got wet. I did not want to wait in the long line again so I went down this slow blue slide. It took me about 10 minutes to get to the bottom. After that, I went down the tube slide about three more times, one of the times I fell out and I could not get back into my tube. Next time I went on double tube with Quinn because if I fell out Quinn could help me. Then Nathan convinces me to go down the yellow drop slide. It dropped about 80 feet and it was very scary. I got really wet when I went on that slide.

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The park also had a wave pool and it l had a lot of people. It was hard for me to even stand in the pool. I had to stand closer to the back. It was hard for me to jump most of the time. I jumped over some the waves. The waves kept pushing me back, it was very scary.


After that, we saw a place to exercise. There were lots of people there. We met a friend his name was too hard for me to pronounce. He went to go ask his mom and dad if he could go on the water slides. His parents said no. So we played in the pools we played tag. Sometimes he cheated and went into the other pool. Then we moved to another pool, It had a fountain. Our new friend would usually spray us with the fountain when we were it.  We could not get to him, but it was very fun.

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If I were to rate this aqua park over the one in Krakow, I would say that it was a tie because this one had a lot more pools and the water slides were very fun. The one in Krakow had just water slides and just one pool. Nathan and Quinn got Sun burned, but I think Nathan got the sun burned the most.

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