Nathan’s Great Wall of China Story

It felt like ages driving to the Great Wall of China and when we got there we still had 1500 stairs to climb to get to the wall. Walking up the stairs was fairly easy because the stairs were not steep. When we got to the top Tony, our tour guide, gave us some information about the wall. 

DSC 9342

He said all the bricks were held together with glistening rice flour.  He also said it is the world’s longest graveyard.   If someone died building the wall they would use them as building materials.  Another interesting fact is if you measure how long the wall was with all the branches and rebuilds it would be as long as the equator.

DSC 9330

While we were climbing on the wall it was mostly down hill. When there was stairs it was easy to walk, but when it was sloped it was harder to walk.


DSC 9227

On the wall they would have hole every 1 meter for soldiers during wars. And how they would signal if enemies were coming is they would make smoke. 1 smoke meant 100 people were coming. 2 smokes meant 500 people were coming. 3 smokes meant 1000 people were coming. 4 smokes meant 5000. 5 smokes meant that there are too many people. 

Tony told us many interesting facts about the Great Wall of China as we walked 6 km along the wall.  We had a great day.



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