Halong Bay

Halong Bay was one of the places I was most excited to see on our trip.  We went on an overnight cruise.  I had seen so many photos of this place and they all looked so beautiful.  I was only slightly disappointed. 

DSC 7148

The bay and the islands were just as I imagined. They were so beautiful.  The only downside was that the weather sucked.  It was kind of cold and rained a bit.  Having said that, we still managed to have a lot of fun.  We went kayaking and visited a remarkable cave.  I was a little worried about seasickness but the water was completely still. 

The water was murkier than I imagined and there was garbage in the water.  That wasn’t something I was expecting.  Despite that the views were still stunning and this trip is an absolute must for anyone visiting Vietnam.

Quinn and Nathan wrote some great stories about Halong Bay.

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