Ho Chi Minh City


I jumped into the elevator. I pressed level 6 where the pool was. The giant metal box ascended to the correct floor. Then the box jolted down and stopped in place. The elevator wouldn't budge. I started to press all of the buttons but couldn't find the alarm button. My heart was racing and sweat was dripping from my face. Quickly, I was coming to conclusions. Will I be here forever?  Am I going to die? 

I snapped out of it and tried to get myself out. I stepped to the doors and used all my might to pry them open. I was wrong.  The first door was very light and easy to open but there was a second door. Sigh. I realized that only the top part of the lift was on the sixth floor but high enough that I could get out.  The second door looked easy to open. Wrong again, the top of the door was locked, no matter how much muscle you used the door would never open. I grabbed my shoe and jammed it in between the doors and yelled HELP! HELP! HELP! 

People would look around and then kept on walking because they didn’t see me. Or maybe they didn’t understand what I was saying.  One woman finally saw me. She started to talk and her radio and then walked away. I started to get really hot and thought I was going to pass out. Then I saw the stupid alarm button, I thought if they tell me to press it I will. I was about to fall asleep. My eyes were heavy but then I heard a clicking noise. They were unlocking the door. The doors quickly opened. I hopped out. It felt like 1000 kg was lifted off of my shoulders. It was a good feeling. I jumped right into the pool. 

I didn't use that elevator again.


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