Jaxon’s Story

Hello I am Sam the scorpion.  Today I saw 3 blonde boys, a dad and mom riding camels.  I liked the camels, once I hugged a camel but then it died because of my poison. This time I'm going to stay in the sand, I am going to follow on the camels.

All they really talked about was the camels farting. Then they arrived at the camp they saw a sand dune and they were amazed. They went straight to the sand dunes.



Quinn’s Desert Trip

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“Ohh, Nathan was that you," Jaxon exclaimed, “No it was my Camel, Ben.” That was the conservation that Nathan and Jaxon had on our camel trip. Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself; my name is Carl the camel. My best friend’s name is Ben. I take about 3 to 4 people on a camel trip a month. Right now, Quinn is on my back.


Up and down and up and down the sand dunes. That’s lots work for a camel. All Kim could talk about was the different colors of the sand dunes and how cool it was. Sure, it was amazing for foreigners especially Canadians.

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We got to the camp, the Berber camp; the family sat down and enjoyed some delicious Berber tea.


One Berber man gave Nathan a snowboard. “Here you go.” He walked the boys up the tallest sand dune in sight. They finally got to the top. I watched Quinn, Jaxon, and Nathan go sand sledding. They went down a couple times.  It looked like so much fun. I wish I could go down but I'm a simple camel and I can't do that.  While Quinn and Nathan were going to the top, Jaxon ran down the hill, at top speed and then did a face plant. It was pretty funny. Quinn didn't feel so good his stomach was upset. He went back down and sat at the table. The Berber people gave the family some tea and supper. Jaxon and Nathan shot their laser in the great desert sky. (Same laser as Max Gillespie.) They looked at the sky. It was just so beautiful. Some Berber men set up the beds for Jaxon, Nathan, and Tom to sleep outside.  Quinn thought his bed was the most comfortable bed in all of Morocco.

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The next day, Quinn was wearing a funny looking thing on his head. He called it a Gopro. It would take videos of the Sahara desert.  It was pretty cool. We got back to the Kasbah (Is a mud area like a very small village). They said goodbye. Quinn gave me some food. I was sad that the VanKoshes had to leave but it was probably the best camel trip they will ever have. And it was. 

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Nathans desert story.

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Today was my first camel ride in a desert.  I was so excited when I put my orange scarf on. The orange scarf was so I wouldn’t get sand in my face.  When I saw the white camel I knew I wanted that one. My mom got the brown one.  Quinn got the black one.  I got the white one.  Jaxon got a white one as well and my dad got a brown one. Jaxon’s camel had to carry the food on his because he was the lightest. When we got out to the sand dunes they looked beautiful.  When the sun shone on different parts they were all different colors. It smelled a lot like a beach. When we got to the tents we put down all of our bags and started to climb up the Sand dunes and slid down it on a sled. We ran back up then ran down it and jumped on our knees. One time Jaxon did a face plant, it was funny. After, Quinn and I went to the very top of the Sand dune and slid down. Quinn got sick so we had to stop. After we had some tea and then we had dinner. After dinner we shot the lazer (we bought it in Spain) in the air. Then Jaxon Mohamed and I climbed all the way to the top of the sand dune in pitch black darkness. When we were at the top we saw what looked like a huge ant so we ran down the hillside and then would try to stop on our knees but then we would face plant. When we got to the bottom we went to bed. Quinn and mom slept in a tent.  Jaxon, dad and I slept outside. There were so many stars I think it would take two years to count them all.

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