Fraser Island - Australia

Quinn Fraser island story

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"Let's go we need to beat the tide." Mom said 

We hopped in to the 4x4 and drove along the beach. We went right through the waves and one got all over Jaxon. We pulled into a trail and the sand was soft and loose. Dad put it in low and gunned it. We made it. We were in the forest.

Dad slowed down and whispered "look at the lizard."

I pulled out my Gopro and pressed record. It was 20 inchs long and looked like the lizards that stretch out their necks and make it look like a neck collar. 

We got to Platypus Bay and I had a funny feeling like someone or something was watching me. We went to the beach. Mom laid down the towels and we hit the water. In the distance I saw a splash in the water. I thought it must have to be a stingray or a rock.  We got over the deep part to see the stingray swim away. I turned on my Go pro and started to record a big one that was about six meters away. I tried to get closer. When I was 5.5 meters away, it was not moving and I notice it was in the shape of a T. I then realized it was a hammerhead shark! I got about 4 meters close to it and dad said that I was too close and I should go back. We got out of there super quick. Dad was so scared I think he peed. I sadly did not get it on video but it was an amazing experience.

Nathan Fraser island story

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I was wide-awake at 6:30 because we were on Fraser Island. Today we were going to drive on 75 Mile Beach! We had to beat high tide and the tide comes up at 12:00. They recommend not driving on the beach within 2 hours of high tide because there might be no place to drive. So we were going to leave at 8:30 because we were on one side and we were going to the Champagne Pool, which were on the other side. It was really hot that day … it was like 35 degrees. 

My dad was driving and some times he would drive through the water and my mom did not like it. On the way when saw how someone was stuck in the soft sand. So my dad ask him "do you need a tow" he said "yes please." So we started to pull but we could not pull him because the sand was soft and we were going up hill so someone else came and we both pulled him out.  It was about ten km after that when we got to the Champagne Pools.

The champagne pools were cool and waves were splashing over the rocks that protected it from sharks and jellyfish but fish still got in. After that we went to Platypus Bay because the tide was out and we could not drive back yet.


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At Platypus Bay we were going to go swimming then eat lunch so when we got down there we saw sting rays in the water so we wanted to get a closer look. At first it was shallow then it was a little deeper then shallow again and the stingrays were in the shallow part. When we got closer and closer we realized that's not a stingray that's a hammerhead shark! So we got out of the water right away. After that we were going to eat lunch but there was to many flies so we looked at the time and the tide was down so we ate at our apartment. Then we swam in the pool.


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The next day we were going to a lake that had a giant sand dune going into it! When we parked the car a sign said 3 km down hill to the lake. So that means 3 km up hill so we did it and we brought the boogie boards to ride down the hill but Quinn did not want to bring his. Once we got there it was very windy.   When we got down to the lake we saw people had built a jump but then they left so we used it. The sand dune was 30 feet tall and I was the first one to ride down it. I did not make it to the lake because the sand dune was not flat.   I had to go down the dune a few times to make it flat. After that I was able to hit the jump with all that speed I went flying into the lake  It was lots of fun so I asked Quinn "do you want to try?" He said "yes please." Quinn went faster and higher then me.  After that, we tried to make it bigger but when I tried it I did face plant.  I hope we never leave Fraser Island.

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Jaxon Fraser island story

Finally, we got off the ferry.  “Hello, Fraser Island”, I said. My heart was racing and I was jumping up and down. I was on Fraser Island!  Did you know that Fraser Island is 120 km long and we went 100 km. The roads were bumpy it was like quading in Canada.  


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We went to Lake McKenzie.  We parked our car and grabbed the food bag. I had a mustard and ham sandwich (I have never had mustard before). After we ate, we went swimming in Lake McKenzie. It was very warm but it was deep. We swam to a little island. I played with the sand there. Fraser Island is all made from sand.


We went to find the place we were staying at. The drive was long and very bumpy. We found our apartment and unpacked.  Then we went swimming. I was tired after we went swimming so I went to bed. I hope tomorrow will be as good as today.


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