Top 5 Lists - General Stuff

Things that surprised us about China – This list couldn’t be limited to only 5 – Too many surprises

  1. We saw blue skies in Beijing – no smog
  2. Not that crowded
  3. Streets are super clean
  4. More English used than we expected
  5. Fashionably dressed
  6. Recycling
  7. How modern china is
  8. How expensive China is


Five Best Airlines – Have flown on 14 different airlines so far

  1. Etihad
  2. Thai Airways
  3. Kenya Airways
  4. Ethiopian Airlines
  5. WestJet


Five Most Useful Things We Brought with Us

  1. Luggage scale
  2. VPN account
  3. Electronics – IPhone, IPads and computer
  4. Tom’s camera holster
  5. Bum pack to hold passports and money


Five Most Useless Things We Brought with Us

  1. Stool softeners – never used
  2. Sleep sheets – Used only three times - finally left these in China
  3. Emergency radio – never used but still glad to have brought it
  4. Kids stuffies
  5. Compression bags – we used these but could have traveled without them

Five Things We Have Seen on Motorbikes in Asia

  1. Live chickens
  2. Live pigs
  3. Five people on one motorbike
  4. A man sleeping (thankfully not while driving)
  5. Babies held in driver’s arms while driving


Five Things We Have Seen in Every City

  1. KFC - surprisingly
  2. Pigeons
  3. Chinese Food
  4. Toyoto Vehicles
  5. Coca-Cola not Pepsi

Five Biggest Mouth Dropping Moments

  1. Thousands of large fruit bats in Cairns
  2. Cathedral in Wilchezka Salt Mine
  3. Being three feet from the Pope
  4. Huge Spider in McDonalds in Bargara
  5. Getting so close to lions


Five Food Most Eaten

  1. Pasta
  2. Perogies (but only because we ate so much in Poland and Ukraine)
  3. Chicken
  4. Rice
  5. Cereal


Five Phrases Most Often Said

  1. “What’s the wifi password?”
  2. “Where’s my phone?”
  3. “Did you finish your homework?”
  4. “Man, it’s hot!”
  5. “Get off the wifi!”

Five Biggest Surprises since leaving Canada

  1. Bray (boy we sponsor in Tanzania) actually wrote his letters to us
  2. Boys are not home sick
  3. Tom drinking beer
  4. The Maps App on our iPad (non 3G) works even when not connected to wifi
  5. Being able to communicate with locals everywhere

Five Things you don’t see in Canada

  1. A nun every five minutes (Krakow)
  2. People in stores and restaurants in bare feet (Australia)
  3. Your 13 year old son buying beer (Spain)
  4. Young kids riding segways in the town square (Ukraine)
  5. Kids without helmets on motorbikes (Asia)


Five Things Gone Wrong  ….  so far

  1. Before leaving Calgary – sunscreen explosion in Tom’s backpack
  2. Left Apple TV in Barcelona
  3. Kim’s ongoing banking woes
  4. Logic board on computer crashed
  5. Ceiling collapse in Marrakesh Riad (thankfully not our room)



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