Tanzania, Africa

Nathan’s Leopard Story

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I could see my prey in the distance, strolling through the grass.  The gazelle would be lots of food for my cub and I for lunch. I climbed out of my tree and said to my cub, “I will have lunch when I come back.”  So I slowly went down the tree and I crept through the grass so the gazelle would not see me. When I was within 15 feet of the gazelle, I jumped at the gazelle. Snatch! I caught it.

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  It felt like ages carrying that gazelle back to the tree. Taking the gazelle up the tree was the hardest part (Leopards take their food up the tree because I don’t want other animals getting my food). I put the gazelle close to the top then called my son, “lunch is ready.” My cub slithered through the grass. He finally got to the tree, climbed up the tree and started to eat the gazelle. I would eat his leftovers. When he was eating, he dropped it on the ground.   


All that had work for nothing. So I had to go back down and then take it all the way back up the tree.  After I ate what my cub did not. He left my favorite part of the gazelle, the ribs.

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Quinn’s Stories

Fred the WartHog story

"A tree", I said to myself,  "and tree equals shade."  Three cars were watching me.

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I was so proud of myself because, today, I already outran a hyena. So I headed for the tree. I was so exhausted when I ran with my pal, Tony, earlierbut I pushed myself forward in hope that under that tree was a tasty snack.  But that backfired. I almost became the tasty snack!!  I snapped into a full on sprint. Two female lions stole my shade! I was so sad but scared too. I stopped about 100 feet from them to make sure they were real or not and they were!! Once again, I went on a full on sprint not checking if they were behind me. I ran home to tell the others. I hope tomorrow will not be such a crazy day because a beautiful warthog like me. Needs his beauty sleep.



Lion story

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Jessica and I sat under the tree, exhausted from the heat. Jessica spotted a lunch earlier today. It was tasty. But now my tummy purred. I was hungry. Then strangely enough a warthog ran by us. I blinked a couple times but by then it was too far. Jess and I closed our eyes and had a nap. Let's hope another stupid warthog comes running by.


Jaxon’s Story

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"Bump, bump!" We finally got to the hippo pool! We ate lunch but that is a whole other story. I thought there was going to be six hippos but there were about 300 hippos! They looked like a bridge. They splashed water on themselves to stay cool.

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The hippo's laid in their poop. It was gross!! The hippo's yawn was humongous. I did reporter work and then we left the hippo pool.


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