Jaxon’s Cooking Class Story

Stomp, I got into the back of the truck. I was so excited. We finally got to the cooking class. The food smelled delightful. We met our tour guide, Apple. The first thing we did was pick out our food.


We started to cook our food. It smelled really good. I cooked chicken coconut curry, fried big noodles, yellow curry, and sticky coconut mango rice. I first cooked chicken coconut curry.


When I was cooking my food I said, “mm that smells good”. After I cooked my food, I would eat it. My dad said, “That looks good Jaxon”.


Now it is time to cook yellow curry. Smash, smash, I was pounding the curry paste. It was really hard and took a long time.  My instructor told me not to touch my eyes and to wash my hands because it was spicy.


On our cooking class, this lady picked a really spicy curry. When she was cooking her dish, Quinn couldn’t breath it was soo spicy. And when I was cooking I was so hot I was boiling.  (Standing in front of the fire).  Here is a video of me cooking.

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.


My curry looked really good but we couldn’t eat it because we had to cook dessert first.   Cooking dessert was easy. Now I could eat. It was really good and dessert was even better.


I said, “I hope tomorrow is as good as today”.



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