Somewhere in the middle of Germany

We stopped at an amusement park where we went up on a mountain using something that looked like a ski lift. (I am going to go ask Quinn. Quinn said that it was a gondola). I saw a parkour thing and we ask the person who runs it how long it was going to be.  She said it was going to be for two hours and I would get too sore. We realized that there were chips to go on the rides so we bought 12 chips. We saw trampolines with bungee cords and it costs three chips for one person. It was for about 10 minutes and stuffies were free. That is where Quinn, Nathan, Jaxon and I learned how to do our first backflip. It took us about three tries each to do a front flip.  A front flip was much harder because the bungee cords did not want to flip forward but backwards was easier. Nathan could do ten backflips in a row, Quinn could do ten, Jaxon could do seven, and I could do three. After, we saw this weird boat thing and it would pull you up a little hill then let you go down the hill into water. It was very fun. It only cost one chip. Jaxon thought he was going to throw up when he went on it. I was glad that I did not get wet because my fur is hard to dry. We were going to buy ice cream but it was too expensive.

Written by Nathan

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