The Weird House of Legends

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We arrived at a place called the House of Legends.  I could not wait to throw my money into the goblin’s hat. There was a chimney on the roof of the house.  I got to go up the chimney where you could stand on a little platform for you to throw the coins. They had special umbrellas under the goblin because it would rain coins sometimes. Then we saw the flying car thing; no one knows how the car got on the roof. After we got to the bottom of the building, we saw a model of a tram. The person there said, “the tram would move at 9:15.” After we came back at 9:15 and watched, the tram moved very slowly. The tram went to one station and then to the next station.  There was a dragon above the tram.  There were lots of people watching.  Everyone started to count down from ten in Ukrainian. Then the dragon started to breathe fire!

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Written by Nathan

The Quest around Lviv

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We went on an amazing tour in Lviv, Ukraine. Let me tell you about it. We got to the tour's office and a lady came out. She had broken English but we could still understand her.

The boys did a quest. They had to look on buildings to find hidden objects that matched the picture they had with them or something like that. I didn't really understand, that's too complicated for a little polar bear mind like mine. We saw a movie being made; it was in 80’s style. We went to a dungeon and it was spooky. We went to a place where they think the first people of Lviv settled in the 13th century. It was coolest thing Mrs. VanKosh has ever seen. Quinn and Nathan went on segways. Nathan said I could come along because they had no small segways for me.

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Written by Quinn through the eyes of Pino

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