Who we are

We are a family of five from Canada that is traveling around the world for nine months.  Tom and Kim have been married for 22 years and have always loved traveling.  We didn’t think that kids should stop us from doing what we loved.  Our dream trip has been on our bucket list for eight years and is finally become a reality.  It was when we were pregnant with our third son that we decided that we wanted to share our love of traveling with our kids.  Our dream trip is here.  Quinn is 13, Nathan is 11 and Jaxon is 8 and they are going to have one fantastic education.  

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There are a few questions that people often ask us about.  These are:

  • What are you doing about your jobs?
  • What are you doing about school for the kids?
  • What are you doing with your house?
  • Another question that not many people ask but many wonder about is “What is this costing you?"

Here are the answers:

  • Tom has put his career on hold and Kim has taken a break from her consulting work.  
  • We are homeschooling (road schooling) the kids.
  • Tom’s cousin is staying at our house.
  • Our estimate for the trip is $150,000.

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